Sleek, sexy, and sound, WONDERFUL's high standards and unusual features set her apart from the fleet. To begin with, guests can cool down with the freshwater misting system surrounding the cockpit. The casually sophisticated Euro style cabin with panoramic views.

The Catamaran cruiser rocks majestically on the sun-kissed Goan waters. It epitomises luxury and style which makes this beauty stand a class apart from the rest of the fleet. The Catamaran Cruisers ensures that guest experiences an extra ordinary feel which they will not get on the other boat rides in goa. The boat cruise in goa charges can be sky high, but not when it comes to us. We offer value for money packages thus ensuring that customers feel that the cruising was worth every penny.

Catamaran Cruiser in Goa is an all-time favourite yacht of tourist. It’s a multi-purpose yacht which will set you sail on the high Arabian Sea or take you ride along the backwater of Goa. So come along and enjoy the smoothest ride on a lovely sailboat.

1 Hour 31 Jan, 01 Feb, 02 Feb, and more

What is included in the tour


  •    Big Open Deck for dance or other activities
  •    Bungee cot for fun, rest and relaxation
  •    Big storage underneath the front and rear casting decks
  •    Seating arrangements for more than 30 people


  • Boat Type                   Motor Yacht
  • No. of Guests             25
  • No. of Bedroom           0
  • Size (Feet)                 35
  • Category                    Leisure


  • 1 Hour@Rs.20000           Save Nil
  • 2 Hours@Rs.19000         Save Rs.2000
  • 3 Hours@Rs.18000         Save Rs.6000
  • 4 Hours@Rs.17000         Save Rs.12000
  • 5 Hours@Rs.16000         Save Rs.20000

* Please add 10% service charge to the above rates. Government taxes applicable.


  • Skipper / Captain         1
  • Crew / Hostess            1
  • Beverages                   Inclusive
  • Fuel / Jetty fee            Inclusive*

* Inclusive, minimum rent 2 hours.