Wakeboarding is a relatively new water sport compared to surfing, but it is slowly gaining much popularity in Goa. This sport has some similarities to waterskiing as the person who rides the wakeboard  stands on it and glides on water while being pulled by a motorboat. In fact, this sport is developed from a combination of waterskiing, surfing and snowboarding.

Wakeboard enthusiasts choose this form of water sport as they love the speed and thrill that accompanies it. Added to this is the challenge of balancing the weight and adjusting the body angle while standing on the wakeboard. The ride gives them a thrill like no other. Wakeboarding is not an easy sport, but it can be learned as long as you have the desire and the natural talent for balancing.

Again, like in any water sport, the use of the right equipment is vital. Using good quality and durable wakeboards and related equipment can help you deliver a great performance and prevent mishaps that could have life-threatening results. When wakeboarding, you will need a wakeboard and bindings, helmet, and buoyancy aids along with your wetsuit and related swimwear.

You can rent your wakeboard and other equipment from us. We guarantee that all our water sport equipment are of the best quality that can help make your ‘wakeboarding in Goa’ experience worthwhile.

15 Minutes 31 Jan, 01 Feb, 02 Feb, and more
DEPARTURE  15 Minutes
  • Please carry along swimwear, T-Shirt, Shorts
  • Sun cream, hat, sunglasses
  • Towel

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