The rental of this yacht offers standard and extended seating options, thus accommodating friends and family comfortably. You can be assured that all the services are offered even before they are called for, thus making sure that everyone on board relaxes on the spacious deck with no worries. The generous spread of delicious food preparation coupled with amazing cocktails to cool you off makes the experience all the more mesmerizing. All of this is prepared by our chefs who are known to make any cuisine suit the palate of the guests.

As you enter this boat cruise in Goa, the brand new U-shaped design with the adjustable chair for the captain which makes up for the ultimate cockpit comfort, will be like a teaser for the many luxurious surprises in store for you. So, if you want to pamper yourself during weekends and indulge into the serene sea breeze of the Goa waters, Yacht Regal is the one. Surely, you would want to experience this amazing boat ride in Goa and make moments special. 

1 Hour 31 Jan, 01 Feb, 02 Feb, and more


  • Boat Type          Speed Boat
  • No. of Guests     10
  • No. of Bedroom    0
  • Size (Feet)         27
  • Category           Sports


  • 1 Hour@Rs.20000        Save Nil
  • 2 Hours@Rs.19000      Save Rs.2000
  • 3 Hours@Rs.18000      Save Rs.6000
  • 4 Hours@Rs.17000      Save Rs.12000
  • 5 Hours@Rs.16000      Save Rs.20000

* Please add 10% service charge to the above rates. Government taxes applicable.


  • Skipper / Captain          1
  • Crew / Hostess             1
  • Beverages                    Inclusive
  • Fuel / Jetty fee             Inclusive*

* Inclusive, minimum rent 2 hours.